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The Russian Olive
Elaeagnus Angustifolia

Tree Vitals
Foliage:   Silver Gray Leaves
Height:  25-30 Feet
Spread:  20-30 Feet
Soil:  sandy, clay, loam
Zones: 3-8
Moisture:   low to moderate

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About the Russian Olive

Elaeagnus angustifolia or Russian olive is an excellent windbreak and wildlife tree.  It is extremely tolerant of environmental factors.  The best windbreak tree for high wind areas.  Pictured is the Russian olive in a tree form. Can be made into a hedge by planting 10 apart in the row. Russian olive is low in water requirements and displays a high tolerance for salt and alkali. Shipped bare root, one to two foot, and priced in lots of 25 seedlings.

We have Russian Olive available!

Tree Description Size # of trees Price
Russian Olive Seedlings
(Seedlings are 1-2 years old)
1-2 feet 1 Click Here
1-2 feet 12
1-2 feet 25

We recommend our fertilizer tablets to ensure healthy growth.
(1 Tablet per tree is recommended. Tablets are $1.00 each.)

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